01 maio, 2012

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The Fandom

By: Gabs On: terça-feira, maio 01, 2012
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  • Hey, Arashireaderz!

    This issue is really important. It's about Arashi fandom. OUR fandom.
    People outside and inside the fandom has a negative image of Arashi's fans. But why? Haters? No, it isn't (I want to make it clear, Arashizando Team HAS NO HATERS).
    The point is: There's a lot of Arashi fans showing other fandoms a wrong idea of "love" for them. I'm not saying it's a wrong way of loving Arashi, I'm just saying to open your minds to reality. Arashi isn't perfect, they'll never know if you argue/fight for them or not, they'll never know if you're selling your body or killing to buy their singles and they definitely will not know that you hate/offend the other fandoms because of them. Hey everybody, let's think about this. I'm not here to say what is right and what is wrong, but these things (Arashi fans bullying another fandoms) is really happening.
    Do you know what makes me sad? Arashi "fans" is saying that who has an opposite opinion about Arashi is a rebel, who doesn't expose his/her opinion is a coward and who doesn't like Arashi should shut the f*ck up.
    I just want this fandom to change. Good changes, it's not about appearances, it's about respect, we want respect? We should show respect to the other fandoms (K-Pop, J-Rock, Visual Kei, whatever.)
    "But can't we just ignore the elitist and crazy ones?" No, we CAN'T ignore them. Otherwise, if we just let these kind of fans bullying others, in the future people will judge all the Arashi fandom, because of the bad reputation these "fans" have. People won't show respect, because Arashi fans insulted other fandoms before. Is this right?
    I won't care if people start hating me after this post, I have no fear of people stop visiting this blog just because I support an opinion that many people have fear of exposing.
    Well. Arashizando asks you now: Is it ok to you carry on with this Arashi bullies in the fandom? Would you defend Arashi, even knowing it can be bad to you later?
    Please answer on the comments.

    Sorry for the english mistakes, Administrator [F] wanted me to do it, and I translated to you as fast as I could.
    Author/Translator [G]

    5 comentários:

    1. I can't believe people act like that! It's not a crime to not like Arashi! Everyone has their own taste of music. I wish they could see that *sigh* I'm glad you posted this! I hope these fans will read this and stop this ridiculous behaviour.

    2. No, I definitely do not wish to see bullies in our fandom! It's okay to not like kpop or whatever, it's even okay to dislike them, but no matter what, nobody has the right to insult them. Everyone wants and needs respect in this world, and in order to achieve that, we need to first give others what they deserve. Why pick a fight when all we actually have the ability to live harmoniously, right? :)

      P.S. I haven't seen anybody like that so far though :O

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    4. Yo no sabia de esto, soy muy mala en ingles, pero apoyo totalmente lo que dicen, creo que hay que respetar a todos


    5. I hate this fandom too, though Arashi is my life. And I don't mean their attitude towards people who don't like Arashi, but their attitude towards ARASHI FANS. Nobody can have a personal opinion in this fandom, without 100 other fans gathering to bash him. I've had enough of endless and stupid fights....

      If one of the members has a nasty scandal and some fans are dissapointed, someone has to bash them because ooooh Arashi are men and they need sex and blah and YOU FUCK OFF. If someone is worried about Nino's health because he's smoking, someone has to bash because HE'S A GROWN UP AND CAN TAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS AND YOU SHOULD FUCK OFF.

      I'm just...tired.